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We get asked about puppy ears a lot.  The ears will come up but it can take a few months for the ears to go up.  If both ears are not up by five months please let us know.
Be sure to refresh your browser every time if you have visited our site before to see updated pictures.  Lastly, older pups are easier to house break and can hold it longer than a younger puppy.  Most of the older puppies we have already started obedience training in as well.  The colored collars are ONLY for identification purposes since they are not named yet.

 $1500 priced to sell
  Black and Red Stock Coat
Born March 30, 2023
1 Male Available

SIRE of Litter (pictured above)
V - RON vom LEITHAWALD, IGP3, Kkl 1a
(Imported from Germany)

FINN vom Fleischerheim
DAM of Litter (pictured above)

             BLUE Collar MALE (pictured above) 

   LITTER BORN March 28, 2023
Black and Red 
FULL AKC rights

1 Male and 4 Females Available

SIRE of Litter (pictured above)
V - LUKE de LOUIS, IGP3, Kkl1a
(Imported from Germany)

DAM of Litter (pictured above)
ICE vom Haus Berg
Ice is a very large female (over sized at 95 lbs)  We don't promote sizes outside the German standard but she is just big boned!  She is loving yet a great deterrent dog as well.  She is the mother of Reyna and Roman.  

 Black Collar MALE (pictured above) 

Red Collar FEMALE (pictured above) 

Yellow Collar FEMALE (pictured above) 

Green Collar FEMALE (pictured above) 

Orange Collar FEMALE (pictured above) 

Pink Collar FEMALE (pictured above) 

  Black and Red Stock Coat
Born May 2, 2023
2 Males 2 Females

SIRE of Litter (pictured above)
V - RON vom LEITHAWALD, IGP3, Kkl 1a
(Imported from Germany)

PRIVA vom Fleischerheim
DAM of Litter (pictured above)

SAIGE GROUP PUPPY PICTURES (pictured above for your entertainment) This is a previous litter and is no longer available.

DALLAS Puppies (pictured above) Sold Out

We have excellent, high quality, champion/schutzhund European lines.  These German Shepherd puppies are out of CERTIFIED German Shepherds that produce intelligent, attractive, courageous, healthy and eager to please German Shepherd Dogs.  To accomplish this we also use German Shepherds that are imported with bloodlines from only top Selected Breeders in Germany, throughout Europe, and other specific parts of the World.  Even though you may never show or even care about papers you still have a lengthy history of good hips, elbows and excellent health.


Our puppies come from BOTH parents who have had their hips and elbows x-rayed and sent to the Orthopedic Foundation or the SV in Germany. 

Our German Shepherd puppies are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC) and come with the following:

Hip Guarantee

American Kennel Club Registration




Health Examination from a Veterinarian ensuring that you are getting a healthy German Shepherd puppy

Current on vaccinations and de-wormed

Puppies come with support for your concerns and questions.  All puppies are trained to go outside to use the bathroom and also know how to use a doggy door for future boarding at other kennels as well.  All puppies can be obedience trained and/or started on crate training, and housebreaking prior to being picked up or shipped.  Inquire about cost for extra training by calling 405-372-8990.  We can do live Face Time so you can see the dogs/puppies LIVE, no scams for those of you that are too far to pick up.

We also have drivers that can deliver door to door.  We can get a quote if we have destination address.



Phone: 405-372-8990 | Email: |

Address: 6507 S Brush Creek Rd, Stillwater, OK 74074

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