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How does shipping a puppy work?


We offer shipping where the shipper picks up directly from us in Stillwater, OK and drives the dog/puppy to your door wherever you are located in the United States.  Prices vary.  At this time we have a shipper that will charge $500 to deliver to you but your puppy may be on the van for 1-4 days.  We also have shippers that only deliver our puppies one at a time directly to you and price depends on mileage from Stillwater, OK.  Lastly, if flights are available to an international airport near you we can put them on a plane.  You are always welcome to come and pick your new family member up as well!

What comes with Airline shipping?
  •  A health certificate from a vet showing the puppy is healthy to ship

  •  Shot records showing the puppy is up-to-date on all shots and worming 

  • A shipping crate

  • American Kennel Club paperwork

  • Feed for shipping

  • Airport travel fee to Tulsa or Oklahoma City

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