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How does shipping a puppy work?

1.    Fill out your name and shipping address along with a phone number, include the nearest         international  airport.  The cost will depend on what flights are available at the time your           puppy is shipped and the weight of your puppy. 

2.    Checks by mail are accepted.  The puppy cannot be shipped until after payment has               cleared.  For immediate pick up then cash payment would be necessary.

3.     The breeder will contact you to discuss a convenient date and time for shipping.

4.     Your new puppy will arrive at the airport that was agreed upon. 

5.     All of the above is the same for an older puppy or adult dog but may involve                              transportation out of Dallas due to the bigger size of the dog

*Due to  Corona virus flights are only out of Dallas, TX at this time due to limited flights.  This  adds an extra $200 to the average shipping cost of $450*

What comes with shipping?
  •  A health certificate from a vet showing the puppy is healthy to ship

  •  Shot records showing the puppy is up-to-date on all shots and worming 

  • A shipping crate

  • American Kennel Club paperwork

  • Feed for shipping

  • Airport travel fee to Tulsa or Oklahoma City


We also offer shipping where the shipper picks up directly from us in Stillwater, OK and drives the dog/puppy to your door wherever you are located in the United States.  Prices vary.  

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