KKL1a normal

 DM clear


(Echo is a direct son of VA-1 Rocco vom Mittelwest SchH3, the 2012 North American Sieger Show winner) and Apple vom Mittelwest, Sch3.  

Echo is a grandson of VA-Karat's Ulko.

Echo is Degenerative Myelopathy (DM)-CLEAR

He has a-normal hips as well!

He also has a deep black saddle in addition to a gorgeous mahogany red.  His high ball drive make him a blast to train.  He also has strong fight drive making him a great protection dog as well as a great sport dog.  He has a big head and produces it in his puppies as well.  His sire is VA-1 Rocco v. Mittelwest and his grandfather is VA-1 Karat's Ulko.  This proves the perfection of their conformation and strong nerves to reach the highest titles in the world.

2012 VA-1SIEGER Rocco vom Mittelwest ScH3 (IPO3) KKL1(Echo's father pictured below)